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Chained (When Bondage Meets Innocence) - Sabrina Sexton Review originally posted at Nightstand Novels (http://nightstandnovels.blogspot.com)

Krista, a 28 year old who had never been in a serious relationship, gets all dolled up in an attempt to finally seduce Damian, the man she has been lusting after for ages. She heads to the club only to find that just as she gets her nerve up, he is no where to be found. ( isn't that always the case) Determined not to waste a good outfit( I think she even had her "cute" boots on) she enjoys the club and ends her visit with the customary trip to the bathroom where she meets a stranger and is forcibly seduced. Overcome with fear and betrayed by her own body, Krista is forced to face some disturbing things about herself.

Damian, the hot, sexy bartender has had a thing for Krista from the moment he first laid eyes on her, but he needs to work on himself and isn't in a position to start a relationship just yet. After discovering Krista's best friend is dating a friend of his..he can't pass up the opportunity to pump her for information about Krista and put his plan in to action. When an encounter goes awry, Damian disappears and enlists the help of his bff Tyler. After a chance encounter brings Tyler face to face with his friend's crush...will Tyler do the right thing or give in to his own desires.

This book has everything from rear deliveries( if you know what I mean ~wink wink~) to menage! Although I'm not at all into forced anything, I found myself being sucked into the storyline. I really wanted the relationship between Krista and Damian to work out...even to the point of being disgusted when Krista met Tyler.... and I was rooting for Damien the entire time. I mean who wouldn't feel sorry for the guy after his best friend "steals" the only girl he had wanted for years, but somewhere down the line my loyalties changed. Maybe it was his overuse of the word "slut", maybe it was his hot-headedness, who knows ......~Sigh~ but I found that I could no longer be Damien's "ride or die chick" and Tyler, gentle and loving Tyler, started to win my heart.

Our heroine appears to have thrown all caution to the wind and embraces her newly found kinkiness, diving head first into the BDSM scene. Quite a stretch for someone who is supposed to be innocent and never had a "real" relationship with a man. The fact that untrained Krista, who has just discovered her submissive side, goes from having no sexual interest in women at all to becoming a hard switch her first time visiting a club is a bit unbelievable as well. The interaction between Krista and Miranda, a domme of 10 years had me feeling some kind of way. When the unattainable dom ended up nude and on her knees for all to see, the classic sub pose, I felt embarrassed for her...I wanted to scream out " Mama Nooooo....Girl don't do it"...it really bothered me for some reason and I found myself feeling really bad for Miranda. (Yeah, I'm weird like that)

Over all, the switch aspect definitely added an interesting dynamic to the relationships between Krista, Damian, and Tyler. The characters are likable and the sex is HOT so for those of you who like a lot of "action" in your novels, Ms. Sexton does not disappoint, these characters get down and dirty within the first few pages and the action doesn't stop until the end of the book. If you are looking for "hotness" to kick off your fall reading, check out "Chained"!