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Training Tessa  (Hot Texas Bosses #1) - Lyla Sinclair Review originally posted at : http://nightstandnovels.com

This book left me a bit dazed and confused as the book seemed more focused on the seemingly one-sided sibling rivalry than on any actual “training.”

It’s Tessa’s first or second day on the job as a “Receptionist Plus,” a position which she accepted without knowing what the actual “plus” entailed. Imagine her surprise when she is called into the office of one of her two handsome bosses because of a typing error and told to bend over his desk to be disciplined for her mistake. Tessa is shocked to learn that she enjoyed being disciplined and finds herself looking forward to more.

The chemistry between Mason, Dixon and Tessa is uneventful at best. Dixon spends a great deal of time trying to one up his older brother, so much so that when he appeared to get angry at Mason’s choice of punishment for Tessa, I was left wondering “Is he for real?” It took me a while to really grasp the fact that he actually had real feelings for Tessa and wasn’t just trying to outdo his brother. Up until my “AHA” moment, I was thinking that Dixon’s anger was part of the brothers “good dom/bad dom” schtick because the romance aspect, what little there was, wasn’t explained very well.. if at all. I wanted to know why Dixon felt the way he did about Tessa.

Mason, on the other hand, was indifferent and unemotional in my opinion. Sure he disciplined Tessa, spanked her, had her undress, ogled her but never had any intimate contact with her. Heck,I don’t think he even touched her…AT ALL! It’s like he wasn’t attracted to her. I kept waiting for a kiss, some chemistry, sexual tension, hell even hatred at this point but nothing. Over all, this book contained nothing more than sexual BDSM aspects with little to no substance. The only saving grace for me was the ending, I must admit that it did leave me wondering what happened next. As much as I hate to admit it, I will more than likely, be purchasing the second installment in Ms Sinclaire’s “Hot Texas Bosses” series if for no other reason than to tie up the loose ends left by “Training Tessa.”