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Their Virgin Captive: Masters of Ménage

Their Virgin Captive - Shayla Black, Lexi Blake My love for Lexi Blake's two novels, The Dom Who Loved Me and The Men with the Golden Cuffs led me to her collaborative effort with well known erotic author Shayla Black.

Their Virgin Captive, the first book in their `Masters of Ménage' series, focuses on the handsome and sexy James brothers, oil tycoons with a penchant for dominance and sharing. ~wink~ ~wink~

Dex and Slade, the younger of the brothers, have formed a close bond having attended college together. They've also been known to share women from time to time so its no secret that when big brother Gavin's secretary Hanna catches their eye, they devise a plan to make her theirs for good.

Big brother Gavin, forced to take over his father's company after his untimely death, feels like he is on the outside looking in as far as his brothers are concerned. Having had to focus on working while they were off at college partying, he doesn't feel as close to them as he wants to be. It doesn't help that he also has his eye on his innocent little secretary but past demons won't allow him to love again.

Hannah Craig, Gavin's innocent and slightly naive secretary, has managed to steal the brothers hearts without even realizing it. She's had feelings for all three for a while but fears that they would never be interested in someone like her. Besides, she's heard the rumors about the brothers, shall we say extracurricular activities, so she is content to fantasize about them and snuggle up with her cat in the evenings to ease her loneliness.

Will Slade and Dex get Hannah to love them and more importantly can they stop Gavin from destroying himself? Will Hannah get the men she's longed for since she met them? Will Gavin get on board with his brothers plans for Hannah or will someone else threaten the love they all long for?

I really enjoyed this book for the most part. Haven't read many Shayla Black novels so I'm not as familiar with her writing style as I am Lexi Blake's and I could definitely see Lexi's influences throughout the story. The brothers were quite interesting in their own right and each possessed his own admirable traits. Dex, the hot headed protector; Slade, the attentive comforter and Gavin, the tortured, mysterious soul. I can totally see why Hannah had feelings for them because I, too, fell in love with all three. ;)

For those familiar with Lexi's novel " The Men with the Golden Cuff's", Slade reminded me so much of Adam that I swear she plucked him right from the pages of that novel and thrust him into this one. "Love" as his choice of endearment takes me right back there. ~swoon~

I loved the stalker storyline as well ( you know I'm a stickler for mystery and sex and if you give me both...I'm in heaven lol) but felt that the book could have been longer in order to develop that storyline a bit more. It seemed that the stalker aspect was only included as a means to thrust the foursome together. I was also a bit disappointed that clues as to the stalker's identity were given fairly early in the novel and this took away from the "sleuthing" aspect for me. I love to focus on the "whodunnit's" (the less predicable the culprit, the better) and was able to figure out the stalker's identity fairly early on *insert sad face here* but the story still managed to hold my interest and that is always a good thing!

I loved the interaction between the characters. It made me want to high five Hannah the way she was able to hold her own with three dominant men, which is no small feat might I add. She didn't do anything she didn't want to do and showed them that she was no pushover. The men, on the other hand, catered to her and treated her like a Queen. Sure, I wanted to smack Gavin at times for being such a douche bag when he knew that he really wanted Hannah but I really felt for him and enjoyed his character the most. The fact that a novel could warrant my involvement in such a way is a sign of good writing my dearies.

Of course some parts of the story were a bit unbelievable( not impossible.... but unbelievable, I say) like a virgin taking on two men in one night and three, the next..anal included but I guess that is why it's called fiction. In any event, it made for some steaming hot sex scenes. I'm talking fan yourself, get the cold shower ready ..HOT!

I'm such a sucker for a happy ending and Black and Blake did not disappoint. I've already started on the next book in the series and I'm sure that I'll enjoy it just as much