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Lana Bloom, desperate to save her mom and with no other option in sight, is forced to sell the only thing she has of value…herself. Having a penchant for beautiful women and not above paying for them, her boss, takes Lana up on her offer as long as she complies with his deviant fantasies. Repulsed by her boss and with no other recourse, Lana resolves herself to go through with her plan…That is…. until she makes eye contact with a handsome stranger across the room.


Blake Law Barrington lives a life of wealth and privilege. Handsome, rich and future heir to the Barrington banking fortune, Blake is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it… right now he wants Lana… and he is willing to pay any price to have her.


I’ve long since sworn off reading any books with billionaire, millionaire, or any other type of “aire” in the title but it was something about this particular book that caught my eye. To be honest, I was fully expecting this to be a FSOG knock-off and while there were some similarities in the beginning, this book quickly took on a life of it’s own.


The writing style took some getting used to as I’m not a fan of third person, present tense narratives.(been known to totally ditch a book because of it) However, the more I read ‘The Billionaire Banker’, the more engrossed I became in the story and it’s progression and I really, REALLY ended up enjoying the book.

The story was well-written and the plot truly unique in this age of billionaire meets naive virgin, they have kinky sex, fall in love and well, you know the drill. With ‘The Billionaire Banker’, Carre managed to turn what could have been your usual, predictable billionaire story into a deliciously erotic and intriguing read, full of twists and turns on every page.  Kudos to you Ms. Carre.


The characters were absolutely addictive. Fairly dynamic with a unique richness all their own. When I’m left wondering about even the supporting characters and asking myself .......read the rest at:  http://nightstandnovels.com/erotic-fiction/review-the-billionaire-banker/

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